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Quote…Unquote has a long and established history with our media training program. For over three decades now, thousands of people have been empowered to pursue their vision in our friendly and inclusive community-oriented facility.

We offer courses in field training, studio production training, computer editing, and other specialized classes as they come up. Included in the courses are how to use standard audio and video equipment, how to set up studio lighting, and how to edit in Final Cut Pro. These classes normally run 4 to 6 weeks depending on what will be covered. Group classes for organizations are also offered and encouraged.

Members who wish to produce programming through Quote…Unquote must attend an orientation class first before completing the training program. The first training class is covered by the initial membership fee. Additional production classes are paid for separately, and cost $125. We do not turn people away due to economic hardship. For low income individuals and families we will work out a sliding scale or encourage membership in the Co-op.