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Production Crew Call

Quote…Unquote has a great reputation of helping people help each other. So many times producers do not have enough crew members to effectively carry out their vision. Quote…Unquote always strives to create a sense of community by encouraging producers to work for and with each other. Co-op members can accumulate credits toward their membership fee by helping out other producers. Our motto is: “I’ll help you with your program if you help me with mine.”

Quote…Unquote is also a production house, and we will occasionally receive a contract from an outside group or company to film a production for them that brings in much needed capital for our organization. In these instances we will put together a production crew, and this may result in openings for producers to earn extra income as well. If you are in need of help for your production please give us your request to post. If you are looking to assist with a paid production opportunity, please follow our Calendar on the website for updated listings.