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Free Speech is not for Sale!
Support Quote…Unquote in our important battle to save Free Speech & Public Access!

HISTORY: Over 30 years of award winning local origination public access programming in Albuquerque, NM, before being unceremoniously shut down by an illegal back door deal between Comcast and the City of Albuquerque to buy back 6 channels for $250,000 and then resell them to the WIFI companies for millions!

LEGACY: Ranked 5th in the Nation in a recent 2010 national PEG study for most local origination programming under NYC and Chicago!

Winner of the 2012 WAVE Award for Best Live Community Access Show – NM Indy Media’s “Allen Cooper Tribute Show.”

LEADERSHIP: Pioneered the founding of the first state accredited Media Arts Charter School, empowering hundreds of kids a year to pursue their dreams.

Created a statewide New Mexico Community Journalism Network to bring rural communities a means to have their voices heard and their needs met effectively.

Of only three PEG stations in the country that have shows run by people with disabilities for people with disabilities, QUQ has two and Boston has the third.

LEGAL: QUQ is the canary in the coal mine. If we win this, we can set a precedent for other embattled stations to follow. We have a good attorney and a liberal judge, so we believe this is very winnable – but we need your support. Make a donation or grant to help the little station that could become the little station that did!