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Join Our Co-op

In order to give our producers and programmers more affordable access, Quote…Unquote is making the transition from standard non-profit to also being a cooperative. The options are:

  • Pay a standard fee of $165 a year for membership, which includes the use of space, equipment, and editing bays at our facility, and allows programming uploads.
  • Become a Co-op Member and pay $65 a year for membership, then volunteer to work a set number of hours per month on one or more available tasks of your choosing. Upon completion of the requisite hours, you enjoy the same benefits as standard membership.
If you are interested in joining our Co-op, please submit your full name and email address and we will contact you. All new members of the Quote...Unquote Co-op must attend a free orientation, which is offered once a month. Notice of time and place will be posted on the Calendar page.

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